Thursday, 26 September 2013

Google Improves SEO Service for Webmasters

Better SEO Service for Webmasters
Google has changed the way its Webmaster Tools SEO service reports site backlinks to include backlinks from a wider spectrum of domains. In the past, webmasters have been able to download a report on 100,000 inbound links arranged in alphabetical order. The issue was that this report gave an incomplete picture of a site’s link profile, as sites with large numbers of backlinks were rarely able to access data for links from the end of the alphabet. The reporting change addresses this issue.

Webmaster Tools team member Yinnon Haviv said on the Google Webmaster Central blog: “Most of the links are now sampled uniformly from the full spectrum of backlinks rather than alphabetically. You’re also more likely to get example links from different top-level domains (TLDs) as well as from different domain names.” This change is likely to result in the availability of a more diverse link profile for sites, though the link report will still be alphabetical. The expanded link range will show links from high-quality domains and also allow webmasters to find and deal with poor-quality inbound links.

This is a major advantage for content marketers and firms looking to provide a good SEO service. Head of Search at theEword Natalie Booth said the change was “likely to prove valuable for those looking to clean up links to their site.”

With recent search algorithm changes, many brands are finding themselves penalized by poor link building practices from the past. Using the updated backlink report means they will have a more realistic assessment of the types of inbound links to their site and whether questionable links represent a high proportion of those links. It will also help SEOs to see how effective their marketing campaigns have been in building quality links and relationships with other authority sites.

The change enhances the utility of Google Webmaster Tools, which helps webmasters optimize the status of their site in Google search. It includes tools to submit a sitemap, check a site’s crawl rate, see broken links and redirects, view keywords searches, work with structured data and check for malware. The Webmaster Tools dashboard also allows Google to communicate suspicious activity that might hurt search rankings to webmasters.

The update complements another recent announcement by the Webmaster Tools team, which allows webmasters to use the new Manual Actions report to see whether any part of their site violates Google’s quality guidelines. Together, both tools should result in clearer information for content marketers and SEOs and cleaner results for web users.

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